Product Management

Learn Product Management in 12 Weeks.

Gain practical training from industry experts in our 12 week, part-time evening course.

Master the product development process

Gain complete insight into product development. Learn to create product specs, clearly define features and prioritize releases.

Gain industry-grade skills and tools

Create a product roadmap, business model canvas, MVP, key metrics, personas and more!

Learn from industry experts

Gain valuable, relevant insight and best practices from leading product managers in the field.


Learn how to identify and tackle new problems, define creative solutions, guide a product through the development cycle using new methodologies and tools as well as create a product roadmap and goto market strategy.

Introduction to Product Management

Define the multiple roles & responsibilities of a Product Manager. Understand how customer needs translate into product features, and identify the underlying risks and assumptions associated with new features.

The Product Development Process

Understand each phase of a product life cycle, and identify the different methods of developing a product.

Metrics & Pricing

Use the best metrics and KPIs to track a variety of subjects, identify tools to measure metrics, and understand the concept of the customer conversion funnel.

Develop a Product Roadmap

Identify and define three distinct phases along a product’s timeline: pre-launch, pre-market fit, and post-market fit, and build a product roadmap.

Present your Product

Gain feedback from peers, instructor, and guest panelists that will identify strengths and areas for improvement.


Ohad is a product director at Similarweb and a product mentor at Google Campus. He was one of the creators of Swayy, and spent about 7 years working in UX, product management, and online marketing. Ohad talks & writes mostly about startup culture, content marketing, and social media on his personal blog and The Next Web, Social Media Today, The Marker, and more.

Ohad Frankfurt
Tel Aviv
With over 7 years of experience in the hi-tech industry, Ishai became an expert in taking products from dreams to reality.
As FairFly’s VP Product, he led FairFly’s technology and product departments. While managing the product, data, UX, and operations teams, Ishai spearheaded the creation of successful B2C & B2B products for the US market.
Ishai is an NFX Guild alumni and is currently leading multiple products to market as a product management consultant in the e-commerce, ad-tech, travel-tech, ed-tech, cyber and RPA industries.
Ishai Ankri
Tel Aviv
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This class is perfect for you if you have experience in the high tech industry, especially as a programmer or designer. We want you to learn and study amongst potential colleagues and expand your professional network in class.

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This part-time course will offer you new and valuable skills while working and living your own life. In twelve weeks you’ll develop skills to boost, strengthen, and enhance your career. More similar courses: Data Analysis or Digital Marketing.

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We also have classes designed for professionals who wish to make a change that isn’t so drastic. Check out our upcoming workshops: Community Management, Facebook Marketing, Content Hacking, Programming for non-programmers

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A career is not a job. It is your pathway towards reaching your own personal and professional goals. Each graduate of Elevation receives one-on-one mentoring and support to figure out his/her goals, and to create a strategy to reach these goals.

Your connection to the industry

Elevation is at the forefront of the industry, creating partnerships and connections to best assist the needs of the industry and the needs of our graduates. You will be exposed to experts from the industry each week in the course, invited for networking events with leading speakers, or have the ability to connect with companies looking for someone just like you.

Resume Prep

Learn how to tell your story in one page. Resumes are an art that can be mastered. Through one-on-one meetings we will create a resume for you that best suits the different goals we have set.

Who hires graduates?

Our product management students have been hired by top companies such as, Pango, TipRanks and more. We recognize great opportunities in the market around us- get the best industry-based training and build your career as a Product Manager.

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Learn the product development cycle and develop your career as a Product Manager.

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Dates and Tuition

Sep 01 - Nov 19

Sunday and Tuesday | 6pm - 9pm

Tel Aviv Campus

6,400 NIS

Sep 01 - Nov 19

Tel Aviv Campus |

6,400 NIS

Sep 08 - Nov 26

Sunday & Tuesday | 18:00 - 21:00

Tel Aviv Campus

6,400 NIS

Sep 08 - Nov 26

Tel Aviv Campus |

6,400 NIS

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Why is this course relevant today?

It seems that everyone has an idea about the ‘next big thing’ but few people have the knowledge, skills and tools to bring a product to life. This is where Product Managers come into play.
Product managers are critical to organizations. As the focal points between business, design, and technology, they are uniquely positioned to assess whether a product makes business sense, is desired by users and is technologically feasible. Whether they’re developing their own product or working within a larger organization, product managers work with key stakeholders, designers, and developers to ensure that the final product meets both customer and business objectives.

Who is this course for?

Having experience in the high-tech industry is a big advantage since much of our content is based on familiarity with this ecosystem We want you to learn and study among potential colleagues and expand your professional network in class. Regardless of which industry you’re from, or want to enter, you’ll learn to launch viable, market‐ready products that anticipate user needs by making tough decisions and working with stakeholders.

What practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the course?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

Clearly describe the role of a product manager

Learn to develop a product, the lean startup way

Effectively determine key risks and assumptions of a given product in order to test them

Effectively define and measure KPIs

Develop MVPs

Measure a product’s success and track its lifecycle.

Use tools and methodologies such as: Agile, Scrum, Analytics, Wireframing, Storyboarding.

What language is this course taught in?

This course is taught in Hebrew. However, as the startup industry often requires a working knowledge of English, all of the course presentations are in English and students are expected present their final projects in English.

What is the course commitment?

This course takes place twice a week between 6pm-9pm.

What kind of jobs do Product Management graduates get?

You will gain developing and researching skills regarding products and customers opening up greater employment opportunities as a Product Manager or within your current role.

What will I gain from this course?

The course will introduce you to the wild and exciting world of product management, and enable you to understand and practice what product managers do in their day-to-day life.

Will I have to learn something before the course?

No. You’ll learn everything you need from scratch.