Google Ads Marketing

Become a Google Ads Marketing Expert

Learn the different tools available for advertising with Google Ads.

Master the Google Ads platform

Learn the most relevant and in-demand advertising skills. Learn how to run PPC campaigns on Google Search, Display campaigns on content websites, Video campaigns on YouTube and much more!

Learn from professionals

Learn practical tools, tips, and strategies from industry experts that you can apply when choosing to work with Google Ads.

Manage Google campaigns easily

Gain the tools and insight into the most relevant topics of today’s marketing world, whether it’s for launching a digital marketing career, or to scale your own business!


The Google Ads marketing 3-day workshop is designed to teach you the most important advertising and marketing skills in the market today. During the 3-days workshop, you will learn how to run PPC campaigns on Google Search, how to build Display campaigns, how to set up video campaigns on YouTube and more.

Google Ads Intro & Channels

Get familiar with the Google Ads platform, learn the different channels, opportunities, and tools available.

Google Ads Campaign Structure

Learn how to build campaigns correctly. What is the recommended structure by Google, and how the platform helps you to achieve success.

Campaign Planning, Budgeting and Optimizing

Optimizing for creativity, best practices, better ROIs, lower CPC and much more.

Barak is a digital marketing expert with about 8 years of experience in this field. He currently works mainly with Tech and start-up companies, which he accompanies in matters of marketing, product and business development.

Previously, he worked as the Vice President of digital at a leading advertising agency in Israel and managed the digital marketing at the Colmobil Group. He is also a senior academic lecturer, with 4 years of experience in teaching.

Barak holds a BA in Communication and Management from The College of Management Academic Studies. Moreover, he holds an MA in Philosophy, Science and Digital Culture from Tel Aviv University, which he graduated with honors.

Barak Ben Shimon
Tel Aviv
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This class is perfect for you if you want to learn and practice all the tools and methodologies that will make you a Google Ads marketing pro. If you have an existing business or project you are working on, or wish to embark on a career in Google PPC marketing join us to engage, grow, and learn.

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These workshops offer you a short, focused, hands-on training to boost your career. Within three days you’ll gain new skills in the most advanced tech-related professions. More similar workshop: Facebook MarketingCommunity Management.

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What would be the admission process?

In this hands-on 3-day workshop you’ll learn and practice all the tools and methodologies that will make you a Google Ads marketing expert.

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What if I don’t have any relevant background? Should I still apply?

Of course you should. That’s what applications are for, don’t worry.  It’s our responsibility to make sure that you are ready for any course you will attend. If it’s not right for you, we’ll let you know. We’re not shy about things like that.

I don’t really know a lot about online marketing at all, is it really something that can be taught?

We believe the skills can be taught, and made practical by continuously learning from the industry directly. Beyond learning, it does require a personal commitment and passion for learning that can put you in an advantage.