Data Analysis

Become a Data Analyst in 14 Weeks.

Gain Data Analysis skills at our 14 week, part-time evening course.

Master powerful data tools that are used by the industry

Work with various databases and tools including rdbms, SQL, NoSql, R studio, Google Analytics and more.

Gain a deep understanding of the product data cycle

Learn the best practices for planning, collecting, querying and visualizing data.

Use data to spot trends and drive business decisions

Learn to gather, analyze and tell compelling stories through data.


Learn the tools and techniques to make better decisions through data.

The Product Data Cycle

Introduction to lean product development, common KPIs and best practices.

SQL Fundamentals

RDBMS Database basics, CRUD operations, and advanced queries.

Data Sets Explorations

Wrangling, cleaning and storing raw data, learning data manipulation scripting.

Effective Data Visualization

Build beautiful dashboards and executive decks.

Present your Project

Gain feedback from peers, instructor, and guest panelists that will identify strengths and areas for improvement.


 Elad Peleg has been practicing BI for the past decade, and has been teaching data analysis for the past 4 years. He has a vast experience with different data tools in the market such as SQL, Python, PowerBI and more.

Elad, along side his professional experience has been teaching in different academies and universities.

Elad Peleg
Tel Aviv

Made Aliyah from Ukraine in 2012, after finishing MSc in math & computer science. Worked in Automation testing for HP, PPC Campaign manager for 3 years at WIX. Today she is a Senior Business Analyst / BI Operations manager in Yotpo since the beginning 2016. Crazy about numbers, pretty graphs and charts. Passion for mathematical and logical riddles.

Elizabeth Noga
Tel Aviv
Is this for me?

This class is perfect for you if you’re a B.A. graduate who is not intimidated by numbers (eg. Psychology, Economy, Business Management, Engineering) and has 1-2 years of experience in the high tech industry.

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This part-time course will offer you new and valuable skills while working and living your own life. In twelve weeks you’ll develop skills to boost, strengthen, and enhance your career. More similar courses: Product Management, Digital Marketing or Programming for Non-Programmers.

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We also have classes designed for professionals who wish to make a change that isn’t so drastic. Check out our upcoming workshops Facebook Marketing and Community Management.

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A career is not a job. It is your pathway towards reaching your own personal and professional goals. Each graduate of Elevation receives support to figure out his/her goals and to create a strategy to reach these goals.

Your connection to the Industry

Elevation is at the forefront of the industry, creating partnerships and connections to best assist the needs of the industry and the needs of our graduatesEach week you will be exposed to industry experts, invited to networking events with leading speakers or have the opportunity to connect with companies looking to hire someone just like you.

Resume prep

Learn how to tell your story in one page. Resumes are an art that can be mastered. Through one-on-one meetings, we will create a resume for you that best suits the different goals we have set.

Who hires graduates?

Our Data Analysis students have been hired by top companies. In Israel there is a growing demand for data analysts and you can fill that gap by receiving the most industry-based training.

Do you Have What We’re Looking For?

Learn the tools and techniques needed to make better decisions through data and land a job in some of the most sought-after tech fields.

apply online

Submit the short application form and  challenge. Be sure to apply at least 2 weeks in advance.


Have an interview.

prepare yourself

Get ready to invest some time off class to practice data. It will be important to your success. Take approximately 3 extra hours per week away from class into consideration.

Dates and Tuition

Sep 15 - Jan 01

Sun & Wed | 6pm - 9pm

Tel Aviv Campus

7,800 NIS

Sep 15 - Jan 01

Tel Aviv Campus |

7,800 NIS

Any questions?
Why is this course relevant today?

In our highly competitive world, understanding and drawing conclusions from data is crucial for the success of businesses and organizations.
Data analytics has become critical in almost every role in the industry, from marketing to programming, business development and the ever growing role of data analyst.

Who is this course for?

This course is best suited for BA graduates who are not intimidated by numbers (Math, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science, Psychology, Business Administration, Science or other data related field) with 1-2 years of experience in the hi-tech industry (not a must).

What practical skill sets can I expect to have upon completion of the course?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

Use R Studio, and SQL to collect and analyze data sets.

Present data-driven insights to key stakeholders using data visualization and dashboards

Tell compelling stories with your data

Learn python

What language is this course taught in?

This course is taught in Hebrew or English. However, as the startup industry often requires a working knowledge of English, all of the Hebrew course presentations are in English and students are expected to present their final projects in English.

What is the course commitment?

The course meets twice a week in the evening for 3 hours. Beyond the course you are required to invest approximately 3-4 hours of independent study at home.

What kind of jobs do Data Analytics graduates get?

The course provides a super extensive perspective into Data Analytics primarily from a product perspective. You will gain hands on experience with a variety of tools opening up greater employment opportunities as a junior data analyst or within your current role.

Will I have to learn something before the course?

Yes. Ahead of the course you are required to complete an online course in SQL and Python. Upon being accepted to the course we will send all the materials.