Horses and Choices

If you ask me what you should learn and where you should work, my answer will be simple: Learn what makes Read More

Getting your first job: How to Use Linkedin Certifications to Get that digital marketer position

In our last post, we discussed the different ways you can start optimizing your Linkedin Profile to grab the attention of your future employer.

The hardest challenge to tackle when looking for your first position in a new Read More

Get more job offers with these LinkedIn Optimization Tips.

Do you know what the first thing Headhunters do once they get your resume , your name from a friend or your application?

Did you say ‘going straight to my Linkedin Profile’? So yeah, you are Read More

Meet Odi Paneth and See Why He Went From Great to Even Better In Product Management

Odi Paneth already had one of the coolest jobs.
He was working at WeissBeerger, a startup that helps bar owners use data to make everyday business decisions.

While a lot of people decide to take a new course or Read More

How To Start With Facebook Advertising

With Facebook’s organic reach dying down – improving your Facebook advertising skills is ‘a must’ for every digital marketer.

With Facebook’s new algorithm change, Facebook Page managers have already started experiencing a decline in their content’s organic reach.

While one can Read More

From studying Radiology to being an SEO focused Digital Marketer - Meet Kasha Katarzyna

How does one go from studying Radiology and working in mammography to being an SEO focused Digital Marketer?

That’s the Journey Kasha, Detroit born and Elevation’s Coding Bootcamp and Digital Marketing alumni went through before getting her Marketing Associate Read More

How to learn something new?

learning is one of the most intuitive skills we humans possess, and some will say the most important one. Everything we know and do in our lives has to do with learning. From simple tasks to elaborated skills, Read More

5 Tips for Asking Better Questions

Asking good questions is a skill, that when practiced and mastered, can give you a significant career advantage.

Many individuals who are launching or transitioning to a new career hate asking questions.

They hate Read More

Horses and Choices

If you ask me what you should learn and where you should work, my answer will be simple: Learn what makes you feel smart, and work where you feel valued. Do what makes you feel good.

The world of employment has changed; Read More

Elevate Yo’ Self: Focus

6 Ways to Master ‘Deep Work’ and Produce Things That Matter

Elevate Yo’ Self is a series of research-backed articles covering skills, habits and information you need to help you be a better, more productive, engaged, successful and happier YOU.

If you’re Read More

Want to future-proof your career? Build up your Hybrid Job skills
It’s no longer about career. To get the job you want you need to think about skills.

If you’ve looked for a new job lately, you’ve probably noticed what is happening in the job market: Being good at just one thing Read More

21 Awesome Growth Hacking Tools for Startup Marketers – THE List

There’s one thing that will determine whether a company will survive or die in its early stages; GROWTH. In the age of modern technology, new companies need to grow and grow really fast. If you’re an entrepreneur, founder, growth lead, or Read More

Code On – A coder’s journey from oh no to ah ha!

There are few things in life more rewarding, and more elusive, than the “ah-ha!” moment.  It’s a mini epiphany that overloads you with dopamine as you revel in your own genius.

And yet, for three months I was in a room Read More

Why Every Startup Needs a Digital Marketing Expert

While the original ‘tree falling’ version of this question is up for debate, the verdict’s out on the startup scenario: your startup must effectively reach a relevant audience with original messaging, or nearly all efforts for gaining new business will Read More

My 20 hours Romance with Facebook Marketing

How many hours does it take to transform a Mechanical Engineer into a Facebook Marketing expert?
Apparently, if you ask Elevation Academy, only 20.

As most of you know, the Facebook marketing platform has evolved Read More

Coding Bootcamp vs. a Coding Degree: Choosing the Right Option for You

In today’s world, bringing your ideas to life has become a real possibility. Coding is as basic a language as English in order to work, create, and live the life you want. Whether you want to create your own idea, Read More

How I got my dream job at Wix through Elevation Academy

It all started three years ago, I had finished high school and was fully determined that I didn’t want to go study straight away. So I booked a flight ticket to Australia and started my journey in a rapid and interesting way. Read More

Why Facebook Marketing is About More than Just ‘Likes’

Learning to use Facebook Marketing to grow a business (and not simply get ‘likes’) may be one of the smartest career moves you make this year.

What do you think of when you think of Facebook Marketing? Newsfeed? Fans? Posts?

See many of us Read More

What is a Product Manager? Can I become one?
Do you really want to be a product manager?

Lately, there seems to be a lot of buzz around the role of product manager, and it is mostly for good reasons – it is actually  a very cool job. A Product Manager Read More

3 Reasons You Should Learn Digital Marketing
Create your Online Digital Marketing Career

We’re all familiar with the Internet, most of us are using it everyday. We get our news on Facebook, our answers on Google, and our comedic fix on blogs such as Buzzfeed. However, the internet Read More

5 Reasons You Should Learn to Code Even If You Don’t Plan On Becoming A Programmer
Here’s why you should learn to code:

“To learn how to program or be programmed? That is my question.”
William Shakespeare, 21st century.

1. You can build early prototypes.

The best technology-driven startups have a “Show Me” mentality at Read More

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